About me

Who I am

Who I am

Hello there,

I’m Federico Antoniazzi, a student involved in BackEnd development and DevOps in Pordenone. I like all IT branches infact I spend my free time studying new technologies, frameworks and tools that may be useful in my projects.


I graduated in Computer Science in 2020. During the studies, I discovered lots of possibilities in IT and tried to do little projects to figure them out. Nowadays I’m attending the Cloud Developer course at ITS Kennedy (PN) and I’m starting to apply DevOps practices.


I’ve worked as an intern in two different realities that tought me different situations:

  1. IT technician: Nothing special, just fixed few computers and installed new PCs in some schools labs.
  2. Mobile Developer: I’ve helped developing a cross platform mobile app (Android and iOS) using Xamaring and I learnt the basics of Version Control with SVN. This experience was during a scholarship in Portsmouth (UK)


In my free time I like to test new technologies or improve my knowledge about something I already use.

Here are some courses or conferences I attended:

  • Every Linux day since 2019
  • (GDG) Road to Google Cloud Certification: Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer
    Organized by some Google Developers Groups and has been useful for studying what is DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering and practicing with free hands on labs directly on Google Cloud.
  • (Udacity) SUSE Scholarship Program
    I’ve been accepted into the SUSE Scholarship program for a nanodegree on Cloud Native Foundations offered by SUSE. This course is starting in June 2021 (Text me if I forget to update this 😄)

Some of my projects

In my free time I like to study new things and apply them is projects in order to make practice. Here are some of my projects:

  • ProjectWork 2021 @ ITS Kennedy: SiouxSilos
    The project consisted in creating a solution for monitoring some data from SiouxSilos’ plants and I took care of the infrastructure. I wanted to apply IaC and GitOps paradigms to manage it so I described how the infrastructure has to be using Terraform and used a GitHub action to apply changes into AWS. You can check the project on GitHub

I’m planning to do a new project for studying Kubernetes environment, CI/CD best practices using GitOps paradigm, observability and others funny buzzwords!

My hobbies

Pordenone Linux User Group

I’m a member of PNLUG since July 2019 and I collaborate with the odoo group in different tasks.

Let’s find more about PNLUG by visiting the official site and about its odoo group.


I’ve been playing trumpet since I was eleven and now I’m an active member of my Town Band and its council.