About me

Who I am

Hello there!

My name is Federico, and I like putting Cloud Native stuff together. I currently work as a Junior Kubernetes DevOps Engineer at SIGHUP, but I have a small homelab for fun. Even if cloud technologies seems to be my passion, I also play two musical instruments: the Trumpet and the Euphonium (don’t worry, here’s a video for reference).

Some of my projects

What do OnePlus and I have in common? The “Never Settle” motto!

In my free time I like to expand my knowledge theorically and practically, by making pet projects to practice. However, in many cases I like to think it different, so here are some of my experiments:

  • (School project) ProjectWork 2021 @ ITS Kennedy: SiouxSilos
    The project consisted in creating a solution for monitoring some data from SiouxSilos' plants and I took care of the infrastructure. I wanted to apply IaC and GitOps paradigms to manage it so I described how the infrastructure has to be using Terraform and used a GitHub action to apply changes into AWS. You can check the project on GitHub
  • (School project) ProjectWork 2022 @ ITS Kennedy: SerenUp A company designed a smart bracelet for measuring the serendipity (don’t worry, it’s just a random name for a parameter) we, the students, had to design a cloud service for data ingestion and analysis. For this scope, I have challenged myself and created a serverless application using AWS services. (Link to the repository)

Future projects may involve many others cloud technologies and lots of techy buzzwords!